East Bayfield Community Center- Barrie

Published June 24th, 2012 by admin • Leave a comment

Today we were at East Bayfield Community Center in Barrie. The morning was great and we had full registration, but dark clouds were coming in.

It was a little wet but we were able to go on with our 1st and 2nd sessions.

It was awesome to see everyone working so hard to learn great new tricks.

Then came the rain.

Our 3rd session unfortunately got rained out. Since we couldn’t skate on the park, we had everyone in the Disney XD Ultimate Lounge to learn about about building a board and other cool skating tips.

Even with the rain, we all had an awesome time and are glad we met so many great new skaters today.

Everyone who came out for the day got to go home with gift bags packed with SCB Skateboarding magazine and cool stickers, sunnyD, Chocomax and %20 off for West 49!

Throughout the day we were able to give out some prizes.

SunnyD Explosive Performance of the Day: Cam

DaKine prize pack Winner: Callum

DaKine Prize Pack Winner: Carter

Skullcandy Prize Pack: Ewan

Skullcandy Prize Pack Winner: Owen

The Disney XD X-elerator award Winner: Henry

The Disney XD X-elerator award Winner: Joey

Bones Prize Pack Winner: Ben

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and braved the rain with us.